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with a long tradition.

We live in Mönchhof, in the north of the Austrian province Burgenland. It’s a lovely corner where we can do what we love doing – making wine. We are vintners in the fifth generation, and traditionally all the members of our family support each other and cooperate closely.

Ramona and
Johannes Kummer

For us working amid and with nature is a gift and that’s why we feel obliged to do our best as vintners. Walks along the rows of vines, the frequent exchange of ideas with friends and – of course – the treasure of experience of our parents and grandparents – these are the sources of our inspiration.

By the way: the ancient Romans declared ‚nomen est omen‘, but that is not always true. The name ‚Kummer‘, i.e. ‚grief‘ in English, is no omen of the quality of our wines. On the contrary: among connaisseurs our name has always been associated with wines of reliable quality and high drinking pleasure.

and what motivates them.

„The success of our winery is based on the fact that all the members of our family care for and support each other.“

Ramona Kummer




„When the wine matures in the casks and the whole family know that all the work and effort they put in throughout the year have been worthwhile – that’s a great feeling.“

Johannes Kummer

Our boys



„It fills me with pride to watch how our son further develops the estate using his expertise and innovative ideas.“

Johann Kummer

„The number of our regular customers has multiplied within a few decades. This appreciation is encouraging and makes me happy.“

Eva Kummer

Eva Aagaard-Kummer,
lives in America.

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    Located between the slopes of the Parndorfer Platte and the Hungarian plains, close to Lake Neusiedl and its mild climate, the natural conditions are ideal for the production of wines full of character and elegance.

    1217 is the year when the village was first mentioned in a document. It has always been a community of winemakers.

    Our family has had its place among the 2000 inhabitants of Mönchhof for generations. We cannot imagine living and working anywhere else in the world. – This is where we live, this is our home.

    Weine, wie sonst keine.